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Adrenaline 123Movies

A drag racer becomes a paraplegic, but he undergoes a religious conversion.

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Adrenaline 123Movies review

One of the best films that I watched it Adrenaline and not least thanks to the excellent acting and strong direction.

I really love Drama movies, which is why I chose this film and I absolutely did not regret it.

The Cameron Arnett, John Schneider, Myke Holmes, Philip Rosch, R. Keith Harris, Shane Callahan played their roles perfectly, not least thanks to the guidance of . During 94 min, the movie kept me on the screen, so I give it the highest mark.

There were a lot of films during 2015, but I would single out this film among the rest in the genre of Drama, because I am a personal fan of the director .


IMDb: 5.2

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