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Bad Boys

Bad Boys 123Movies

Mick O’Brien is a young Chicago street thug torn between a life of petty crime and the love of his girlfriend. But when the heist of a local drug dealer goes tragically wrong Mick is sentenced to a brutal juvenile prison where violence is a rite of passage and respect is measured in vengeance.

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Bad Boys 123Movies review

I personally liked the Bad Boys because I basically love Crime, Drama, Thriller movies.

I really love Crime, Drama, Thriller movies, which is why I chose this film and I absolutely did not regret it.

The Alan Ruck, Ally Sheedy, Andrew Gorman, Clancy Brown, David Barrett, Don James, Eric David, Esai Morales, Eugene J. Anthony, Jane Alderman, Jim Moody, John Zenda, Philip Rosch, Ray Ramirez, Reni Santoni, Rick Rosenthal, Robin Coleman, Sean Penn, Tony Mockus Jr. played their roles perfectly, not least thanks to the guidance of Rick Rosenthal. During 104 min, the movie kept me on the screen, so I give it the highest mark.

Surprisingly, the film Bad Boys has been overlooked by critics, although there are not many high-quality Crime, Drama, Thriller films, especially since it has such a high rating on IMDB.

Bad Boys