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Chasing the Equinox

Chasing the Equinox 123Movies

The ancients hid the secrets of their incredible knowledge of astronomy in their temples and palaces, built to align with the sun, on the same day, all over the world. Revealing our species’ obsession with the sun, across thousands of years and every continent, this is architectural magic on a cosmic scale.

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Chasing the Equinox 123movies review

When I started watching Chasing the Equinox 123movies, I wondered for minutes how this incredible story would end, which made me think about many aspects of life.

There are many decent films in the Documentary genre, but thanks to the non-trivial plot, this movie can be watched several times and constantly find new details.

This film is my personal favorite of 2019, because such an interesting and unique story I watched on 123movies can win the heart of even the most sophisticated moviegoer.

Kenny Scott is my favorite director, he clearly sees the character of his characters, as a result, the film turned out to be exciting and unique.

Anna Sofaer, Efrosyni Boutsikas, Fabio Silva, Marco Antonio Santos Ramirez, Paul Pino, Sarah Klassen, Stefan Ashton Frank, Tore Lomsdalen once again proved their stellar status, the film turned out to be extremely interesting and confusing, one of the best representatives of its genre.