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Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Season 1 Episode 12

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Season 1 Episode 12 123Movies

After ”helping” Ben, Gwen, and Kevin stop the Forever Knights, Cash and JT start a TV show with Oliver as their cameraman. Ben, Gwen, and Kevin play along for awhile. Upon tracking the Forever Knight, Ben, Gwen, and Kevin learn what the Power Decoupler is being used by the Forever Knights and attacks them with some interference from Cash and JT. Afterwards, Psyphon shows up to attack Cash and JT after seeing the broadcast of them taking the credit for given Ben his battle tactics. After Psyphon explains he tapped into Vilgax’s power, he begins to defeat Ben. He is just about to defeat Ultimate Spidermonkey when Cash and JT fire the weapon the Forever Knights were charging, and it absorbs Psyphon’s power. Ben light knocks him with his fist and Psyphon falls to the ground. Cash and JT are ecstatic, but find no-one saw them do it, and the weapon drained the camera’s battery as well, leaving them with no recognition, and Cash shouting after Ben and the others.

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Serie: Ben 10: Ultimate Alien


Episode Title: Reflected Glory

Air Date: 2010-10-15


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Season 1 Episode 12