Dawson’s Creek Season 4 Episode 22
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Dawson’s Creek Season 4 Episode 22

Dawson’s Creek Season 4 Episode 22

As graduation approaches, Joey has a tough time preparing her speech, and Dawson helps her find some bittersweet inspiration. Joey gets an unexpected surprise gift from her late mother. Pacey wonders if he’s going to graduate at all, and he worries that his last final will be the toughest one. He walks out of it after the teacher makes a comment on him, costing him his diploma. Meanwhile, Andie McPhee returns home for the cap and gown ceremony, and is surprised to meet Jack’s new boyfriend, Tobey, and a devious Drue, who has just moved to Jen’s after being kicked out of his home by his mother after a fight, convinces Jen to help him pull a hilarious senior prank. Pacey tells Andie he has decided to take the job offer on a boat for the summer.

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Serie: Dawson's Creek


Guest Star:

Episode Title: The Graduate

Air Date: 2001-05-16


Dawson’s Creek Season 4 Episode 22