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Dawson’s Creek Season 5 Episode 10

Dawson’s Creek Season 5 Episode 10 123Movies

Pacey offers to cook for the gang on their weekly dinner (an event they always plan on doing but always fail to). Jen and Dawson return early and decide to keep what happened between them, but they are caught by everyone making out at the door. The dinner goes on in a very awkward way for everyone as Audrey and Dawson worry about Joey. But surprisingly she seems to be fine with it. Charlie also drops by, causing some tension for Dawson. At the end, they all decide that keeping their long lasting friendships is more important than having a weekly dinner, and Joey confesses to Pacey how she really feels about the whole Dawson-Jen thing.

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Serie: Dawson's Creek


Guest Star:

Episode Title: Appetite For Destruction

Air Date: 2001-12-19


Dawson’s Creek Season 5 Episode 10