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Dawson’s Creek Season 5 Episode 15

Dawson’s Creek Season 5 Episode 15 123Movies

Joey is held up and forced to clean up her account by a street mugger, who is accidentally run over by a car just after mugging Joey. The merciful girl from Capeside stands by her aggressor, checking up on him and trying to get an ambulance and get him to the hospital after seeing the similarities between him and her own father. When the cops and paramedics arrive, Joey faints and is taken to the hospital. After recovering, she accidentally meets the mugger’s estranged wife and daughter. Joey stands by her dying mugger as she tries to learn more about her own father. After his death, she makes a choice of sparing the guy’s little daughter’s feelings by telling her he jumped in front of the car to save her life.

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Serie: Dawson's Creek


Guest Star: ,

Episode Title: Downtown Crossing (2)

Air Date: 2002-02-13


Dawson’s Creek Season 5 Episode 15