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Dawson’s Creek Season 6 Episode 14

Dawson’s Creek Season 6 Episode 14 123Movies

In Los Angeles, Dawson visits Audrey at the rehab clinic where he spots a big time film producer, named Toni Stark, and follows her into a therapy session hoping to talk to the woman who will direct Dawson to better contacts. Meanwhile in Boston, Pacey throws a party at his place to celebrate his new success at his job as well as purchasing a new super-sized TV set and is surprised when Joey, still sulking over the departure of Eddie, lets loose by getting drunk and setting up a spontaneous game of spin the bottle. Jen catches the reformed alcoholic C.J. with a drink which leads to them arguing, and making up by having sex for the first time. Also, Emma tries to stay in the country to get her green card by courting a stoner to marry her until Jack offers to marry Emma.

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Serie: Dawson's Creek

Guest Star:

Episode Title: Clean and Sober

Air Date: 2003-02-05


Dawson’s Creek Season 6 Episode 14