Enlisted Season 1 Episode 6
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Enlisted Season 1 Episode 6

Enlisted Season 1 Episode 6

An AFO show (similar to USO) comes to the base, and the show’s coordinator turns out to be a girlfriend of Pete’s that he never contacted again after being deployed, and still hasn’t since he returned. Jill convinces Pete to be a man and apologize, but it backfires when the girl thanks Jill for getting them back together again. Derrick realizes his routine of saving Randy from his own embarrassment in front of girls at the bar is unnecessary. He leaves Randy on his own for a night and sees him do fine, while Derrick realizes he has ”no game” of his own and spills his guts to bartender Erin. Meanwhile, Cody learns from the troops that his annual song at the AFO show could use some updating.

Serie: Enlisted

Episode Title: Brothers and Sister

Air Date: 2014-02-28