Leon: The Professional
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Leon: The Professional

Leon: The Professional

Leon, the top hit man in New York, has earned a rep as an effective ”cleaner”. But when his next-door neighbors are wiped out by a loose-cannon DEA agent, he becomes the unwilling custodian of 12-year-old Mathilda. Before long, Mathilda’s thoughts turn to revenge, and she considers following in Leon’s footsteps.

Leon: The Professional 123movies review

Leon: The Professional 123movies does not let go of attention for 110 min minutes, and this is not surprising, such an enchanting story simply cannot fail to catch a lover of quality cinema.

I like films in the genre of Best Crime, Best Dramas, Best Independent, Best Thriller, Crime, Drama, Thriller most of all, but I want to highlight this particular film product, I think it is one of the best in its direction.

My favorite movie history 1994, which never leaves my thoughts, a brilliant director\'s work and very close-minded characters.

The director Luc Besson knows how to create a special atmosphere on the set, thanks to this, the film turned out to be one of the best in its genre.

Adam Busch, Arsène Jiroyan, Carl J. Matusovich, Creed Bratton, Danny Aiello, David Gregg, Don Creech, Ellen Greene, Frank Senger, Gary Oldman, Geoffrey Bateman, George Martin, Jean Reno, Jernard Burks, Jessie Keosian, Joseph Malerba, Kent Broadhurst, Maïwenn, Marc Andréoni, Michael Badalucco, Michel Montanary, Natalie Portman, Peter Appel, Samy Naceri, Stuart Rudin, Tommy Hollis, Willi One Blood once again proved their stellar status, the film turned out to be extremely interesting and confusing, one of the best representatives of its genre.