Lost & Striving
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Lost & Striving

Lost & Striving

Four youth decide to carpool with a brother to attend a Muslim youth weekend retreat.

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Lost & Striving 123movies review

Throughout the minutes, I had the feeling that I personally know and understand the meaning of the actions of each hero of the masterpiece Lost & Striving 123movies.

There are many decent films in the Adventure genre, but thanks to the non-trivial plot, this movie can be watched several times and constantly find new details.

This film is my personal favorite of 2021, because such an interesting and unique story I watched on 123movies can win the heart of even the most sophisticated moviegoer.

Out of the box and really dashingly twisted -A. Malik Ahmad, he knew how to attract his viewer and fully hold his attention until the very end.

Jibreel Salaam were able to perfectly reveal the nature of their difficult characters, leaving them in the memory of the viewer as real heroes and favorites for many years.

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Genre: Adventure




IMDb: 2.2

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