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Love on Delivery

Love on Delivery 123Movies

Ho Kam-An is a love struck dim-sum delivery boy who falls for a beautiful judo student. After being humiliated by her boyfriend, Ho Kam-An goes out and seeks the services of an aging kung-fu master who teaches him a half ass style of kung fu ”Karate Kid” style. After actually learning how to fight using this style (much to the master’s surprise) he dresses up like Garfield and beats up the boyfriend of the beautiful judo student. But he’s challenged to a fight by the master’s former foe. Is Ho Kam-An up to the challenge?

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Love on Delivery 123Movies review

It seems to me that for 1994, the Love on Delivery movie is one of the best in its genre and I can recommend it for watching.

I really love Action, Comedy movies, which is why I chose this film and I absolutely did not regret it.

By and large, Ben Lam, Billy Chow, Christy Chung, Creed Bratton, Lee Lik-Chi, Ng Man-Tat, Paul Chun Pui, Stephen Chow, Wong Yat-Fei (the actors who starred in Love on Delivery) did their job to a high level, but I would also note the excellent work of the directors of Stephen Chow.

Due to the fact that the script of the Love on Delivery was entrusted to direct the director of Stephen Chow, the film turned out to be very strong with many interesting moves and twists.


IMDb: 6.9

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Love on Delivery