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A dying man in his forties recalls his childhood, his mother, the war and personal moments that tell of and juxtapose pivotal moments in Soviet history with daily life.

Mirror 123movies review

The 107 minutes flew by almost imperceptibly on 123movies, thanks to the excellent acting and the incredibly twisted plot of the beautiful film Mirror.

I love films in the genre Best Biography, Best History, Drama, History, but this one has surpassed many, such a plot includes fantasy to the maximum, but even in this case, the ending is impossible to predict.

1975 was rich in worthy film premieres, but only in this film I saw a perfectly selected cast of actors who perfectly embodied the director\'s idea.

Out of the box and really dashingly twisted -Andrei Tarkovsky, Larisa Tarkovskaya, Mariya Chugunova, he knew how to attract his viewer and fully hold his attention until the very end.

Anatoliy Solonitsyn, Nikolay Grinko, Oleg Yankovskiy, Tamara Ogorodnikova, Yuriy Nazarov once again proved their stellar status, the film turned out to be extremely interesting and confusing, one of the best representatives of its genre.