Paths of Glory
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Paths of Glory

Paths of Glory

A commanding officer defends three scapegoats on trial for a failed offensive that occurred within the French Army in 1916.

Paths of Glory 123movies review

Throughout the 88 minutes, I had the feeling that I personally know and understand the meaning of the actions of each hero of the masterpiece Paths of Glory 123movies.

It seems to me that I have not seen anything similar in the genre Best Crime, Best Dramas, Best Independent, Best War, Drama, War for a long time, the plot of the film is so unpredictable that until the last moment I did not know what would happen in the ending.

My favorite movie history 1957, which never leaves my thoughts, a brilliant director\'s work and very close-minded characters.

The director Stanley Kubrick knows how to create a special atmosphere on the set, thanks to this, the film turned out to be one of the best in its genre.

The ingenious game George Macready, Joe Turkel, Kirk Douglas, Ralph Meeker, Richard Anderson, Timothy Carey did not go unnoticed for the attentive viewer, they became one with their characters, turning the illusion into reality.