Prime Time
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Prime Time

Prime Time

On the last day of 1999, 20-year-old Sebastian locks himself in a TV studio. He has two hostages, a gun, and an important message for the world. The story of the attack explores a rebel’s extreme measures and last resort.

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Prime Time 123movies review

Throughout the 93 minutes, I had the feeling that I personally know and understand the meaning of the actions of each hero of the masterpiece Prime Time 123movies.

There are many decent films in the Drama, Thriller genre, but thanks to the non-trivial plot, this movie can be watched several times and constantly find new details.

My favorite movie history 2021, which never leaves my thoughts, a brilliant director`s work and very close-minded characters.

Jakub Piatek has always had brilliant work, but this truly masterpiece, with such well thought out details, made the film one of the best in its genre.

Adam Nawojczyk, Andrzej Kłak, Bartosz Bielenia, Cezary Kosinski, Dobromir Dymecki, Jan Hrynkiewicz, Juliusz Chrząstkowski, Magdalena Popławska, Małgorzata Hajewska-Krzysztofik, Michał Kaleta were able to perfectly reveal the nature of their difficult characters, leaving them in the memory of the viewer as real heroes and favorites for many years.

Prime Time