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Psalm 21

Psalm 21 123Movies

Henrik is a young father who lives in Stockholm, constantly plagued by nightmares with his deceased mother. One day, he receives the news that his father, father, who lives in a remote village, it is drowned and died. The circumstances of drowning are mysterious. Henrik travels to the village to investigate the cause of his death. To find out more about the drowning and on his father, the door to the unknown and open. Shadows of the past emerge, returning to this world for one reason only: revenge.

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Psalm 21 123Movies review

One of the best films that I watched it Psalm 21 and not least thanks to the excellent acting and strong direction.

The film brought new colors to the genre Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller and I believe that a wide audience should take it with interest.

The Björn Bengtsson, Fredrik Hiller, Per Ragnar, Philip Rosch played their roles perfectly, not least thanks to the guidance of . During 114 min, the movie kept me on the screen, so I give it the highest mark.

I watched the movie Psalm 21 in one breath, because only could shoot this captivating story with such quality.


IMDb: 4.4

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Psalm 21