Rakkauden rasvaprosentti
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Rakkauden rasvaprosentti

Rakkauden rasvaprosentti

Timo Stigu Mertala is a celebrated, award-winning adman, and sworn to singlehood. He is a well known figure in the Helsinki nightlife.

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Rakkauden rasvaprosentti 123movies review

Rakkauden rasvaprosentti 123movies does not let go of attention for 98 min minutes, and this is not surprising, such an enchanting story simply cannot fail to catch a lover of quality cinema.

There are many decent films in the Comedy genre, but thanks to the non-trivial plot, this movie can be watched several times and constantly find new details.

2012 was rich in worthy film premieres, but only in this film I saw a perfectly selected cast of actors who perfectly embodied the director`s idea.

I really like this unique work of , because it is simply impossible to forget such a complicated story, and to throw the heroes out of the heart forever.

The sensuality and emotionality of Antti Virmavirta, Kaija Pakarinen, Mirja Oksanen, Philip Rosch, Sanna-Kaisa Palo deserves special attention and praise, the film that I watched on 123movies, thanks to this, acquired its characteristic bright colors.


IMDb: 5.5

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Rakkauden rasvaprosentti