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Deputy 123Movies

When the Los Angeles County’s Sheriff dies, an arcane rule forged back in the Wild West thrusts the most unlikely man into the job: a fifth-generation lawman, more comfortable taking down bad guys than navigating a sea of politics, who won’t rest until justice is served.

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Deputy 123Movies Review

The very name Deputy 123movies already says a lot, there are so many hidden details in this series that even the most attentive viewer can miss.

A very close plot of all 1 seasons makes you wonder, such a story could happen to anyone, but would I have behaved like the main characters.

Each of the 13 episodes has its own unique flavor, which remains in the memory of each viewer for a very long time after watching the television series.

In the list of TV shows 2020, this one is in the first place, everything is the way I like it, the full range of human feelings and a twisted intrigue for all seasons.

Among the huge variety of Crime, Drama, Western series, this one is definitely worth watching, a gorgeous acting game and a masterfully thought out plot.

of Deputy 123movies brought my favorite characters to life, creating a story so believable that I was absolutely delighted.

My favorite studio eOne, FOX Entertainment Group did the impossible this time too, bringing together the most popular actors of our time on one set.

Such diverse roles for Bex Taylor-Klaus, Brian Van Holt, Mark Moses, Shane Paul McGhie, Siena Goines, Stephen Dorff, Yara Martinez made it possible to show the story from different angles so that the viewer could truly appreciate the storyline.

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Genre: CrimeDramaWestern

Studio: ,

TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 43 min


TMDb: 7.3


Starring: Bex Taylor-Klaus, Brian Van Holt, Mark Moses, Shane Paul McGhie, Siena Goines, Stephen Dorff, Yara Martinez,