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Moloch 123Movies

In an industrial and labyrinthine seaside town, people ignite suddenly with no reason. Suicides? Murders? Supernatural phenomena? To find out, Louise, a young journalist, and Gabriel, a psychiatrist, will investigate.

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Moloch 123Movies Review

If you don`t pay attention while watching Moloch 123movies, you can easily fall for the director`s trick and miss the moment that started the chain of events.

I watched the 1 of the season practically without interruption, it is not easy to break away from the plot, I could not even predict such spectacular turns of history.

In each of the 6 episodes, another round of history was revealed, which will be remembered for its unique characters and an overall relaxed atmosphere.

Not immediately, but after a while I got to this cult series 2020, and I regret that I doubted for so long that the storyline is worthy of all praise.

Among the huge variety of Crime, Drama, Mystery series, this one is definitely worth watching, a gorgeous acting game and a masterfully thought out plot.

Arnaud Malherbe of Moloch 123movies brought my favorite characters to life, creating a story so believable that I was absolutely delighted.

ARTE has always been one of my favorite TV series production factories, and this time it only confirmed its high status by filming such an incredible story.

Arnaud Valois, Babetida Sadjo, Laurent Capelluto, Marc Zinga, Marine Vacth, Olivier Gourmet after this series became even more in demand among eminent directors, and this is not surprising, after such a masterfully done work.

Views: 43

Genre: CrimeDramaMystery



TV Status: Ended

Duration: 52 min


TMDb: 7


Starring: Arnaud Valois, Babetida Sadjo, Laurent Capelluto, Marc Zinga, Marine Vacth, Olivier Gourmet,