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Summertime 123Movies

A modern love story set during the summer on Italy’s Adriatic Coast. An undeniable attraction brings together Ale and Summer, who come from very different worlds. For both, these holidays will be an unforgettable journey that will take them far from who they were before they met.

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Summertime 123Movies Review

No wonder I wasted time watching all the seasons of the Summertime 123movies series, an unexpected but completely logical outcome put everything in its place.

My favorite TV series lasted 2 of the season, during which I lived with the problems and successes of the main characters, worrying and rejoicing as for close friends.

By filming the 16 episode, the director completely captured the attention of the viewer, who really believed in the difficult and exciting story of the heroes.

I watched the series 2020 with great interest, as a movie fan I was attracted by the talented play of actors and their characters, whom you believe and sympathize with.

I am very sorry that I did not meet these wonderful characters earlier, who became a real decoration of the wonderful series in the genre of Comedy, Drama.

Anita Rivaroli, Mirko Cetrangolo of Summertime 123movies knows his business and that says it all, in the series the characters are revealed from a side from which I never imagined seeing them.

Cattleya has always been one of my favorite TV series production factories, and this time it only confirmed its high status by filming such an incredible story.

were unique in this role, I could not even imagine that they would play such complex plot twists so organically.

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Genre: ComedyDrama

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TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 37 min


TMDb: 7