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Space Battleship Yamato

Space Battleship Yamato 123Movies

In 2199, five years after the Gamilons began an invasion of Earth, the planet has been ravaged by the aliens’ bombs. The remnants of humanity have fled underground to escape the irradiated surface. One day, former pilot Susumu Kodai discovers a capsule sent from the planet Iscandar that tells of a device that can remove the radiation from the Earth’s surface. The Earth Defense Force rebuilds the battleship Yamato with a new type of propulsion system to make the 148,000 light year trip to Iscandar in hopes of saving the Earth. Within one year, the radiation will drive the rest of humanity to extinction.

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Space Battleship Yamato 123movies review

The 131 min minutes flew by almost imperceptibly on 123movies, thanks to the excellent acting and the incredibly twisted plot of the beautiful film Space Battleship Yamato.

Now Science Fiction I associate primarily with this film, because it is a genuine representative of the most popular genre of our time.

This film is my personal favorite of 2010, because such an interesting and unique story I watched on 123movies can win the heart of even the most sophisticated moviegoer.

The director knows how to create a special atmosphere on the set, thanks to this, the film turned out to be one of the best in its genre.

The ingenious game Hiroyuki Ikeuchi, Kazuki Namioka, Maiko, Meisa Kuroki, Naoto Ogata, Philip Rosch, Reiko Takashima, Shinichi Tsutsumi, Takahiro Miura, Takumi Saito, Takuya Kimura, Toshiyuki Nishida, Tsutomu Yamazaki did not go unnoticed for the attentive viewer, they became one with their characters, turning the illusion into reality.

Space Battleship Yamato