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The Match

The Match 123Movies

Inspired by true events from the spring of 1944 when the Nazis organized a football match between a team of camp inmates and an elite Nazi team on Adolf Hitler’s birthday. A match the prisoners are determined to win, no matter what happens.

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The Match 123movies review

When I started watching The Match 123movies, I wondered for 119 minutes how this incredible story would end, which made me think about many aspects of life.

It seems to me that I have not seen anything similar in the genre Drama, History for a long time, the plot of the film is so unpredictable that until the last moment I did not know what would happen in the ending.

This film is my personal favorite of 2021, because such an interesting and unique story I watched on 123movies can win the heart of even the most sophisticated moviegoer.

The director Dominik Sedlar, Jakov Sedlar knows how to create a special atmosphere on the set, thanks to this, the film turned out to be one of the best in its genre.

Andrea Zirio, Armand Assante, Caspar Phillipson, Filip Tallhamn, Franco Nero, Milton Welsh, Nikolai Nedergaard, Philippe Reinhardt, Robert Maaser, Viktor Kulhanek looked great in the film, the game was top notch, and you really believe and empathize with their characters in every scene.

The Match