Toy Story
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Toy Story

Toy Story

Led by Woody, Andy’s toys live happily in his room until Andy’s birthday brings Buzz Lightyear onto the scene. Afraid of losing his place in Andy’s heart, Woody plots against Buzz. But when circumstances separate Buzz and Woody from their owner, the duo eventually learns to put aside their differences.

Toy Story 123movies review

Yesterday I watched an unusually interesting film Toy Story, which in 81 min minutes plunged me into an amazing story full of adventures and mysteries on the 123movies website.

There are many decent films in the Adventure, Animation, Best Adventure, Best Animated, Best Disney, Best Family, Best Fantasy, Comedy, Family, Pixar genre, but thanks to the non-trivial plot, this movie can be watched several times and constantly find new details.

One of the best 1995 films of its kind I\'ve seen at 123movies, with a unique storyline that morphed into a totally unpredictable ending.

Out of the box and really dashingly twisted -John Lasseter, he knew how to attract his viewer and fully hold his attention until the very end.

Andrew Stanton, Annie Potts, Bill Farmer, Cody Dorkin, Craig Good, Creed Bratton, Danielle Judovits, Debi Derryberry, Don Rickles, Erik von Detten, Ernie Sabella, Greg Berg, Gregory Grudt, Jack Angel, Jan Rabson, Jeff Pidgeon, Jim Varney, Joe Ranft, John Lasseter, John Morris, John Ratzenberger, Kendall Cunningham, Laurie Metcalf, Lisa Bradley, Nathan Lane, Patrick Pinney, Penn Jillette, Phil Proctor, R. Lee Ermey, Ryan O'Donohue, Sarah Freeman, Shane Sweet, Sherry Lynn, Tim Allen, Tom Hanks, Wallace Shawn looked great in the film, the game was top notch, and you really believe and empathize with their characters in every scene.